White Kitchen Designs Classic to Contemporary

White kitchen designs are never outdated. It can blends well with any looks. So, there are always more requests of homeowners come to apply it to their house. But, you need some ideas of the designs you preferred. Here, the options why you choose between white kitchen designs from classic to contemporary that maybe will work well with your house.

Option One – Classic Looks

Classic doesn’t always mean traditional. Traditional kitchen style is always following by ornate and intricate woodworking and other detailed features. Instead, classic kitchen style isn’t always about ornate woodworking, but it still has some traditional touch like molding or paneled walls.

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Classic white kitchen designs are the most simple and flexible themes to apply in your kitchen. Classic style is designed for the white and bright kitchen to evoke a simple and timeless appearance rather than an all dark and heavy color kitchen. White color will help to send a fresh and calm feeling into the room. But, it can blends well with dark color. The contrast of dark and bright will bring another feeling of a classic.

Of course, you will use white cabinetry with metal hardware in your white kitchen designs both upper and lower parts. To help accentuate white and bright color, you can set the room with creamy stone granite countertop and wide-planked wood flooring. The earth-tones of the wood can turn up a feeling of cozy yet classic.

Option Two –Contemporary Looks

White as the background can be an endless experiment.The White kitchen is an ideal choice to create a contemporary look in the kitchen. To create a contemporary look of a white kitchen, you just need to play with color. You can use a strong color that contrasts with white to accentuate fresh and modern feeling in the kitchen. Paint the walls, lower cabinets, or kitchen islands with bright color for a bright atmosphere.

Or we can unite different materials or items to emerge the feeling of continuity and harmony in the modern kitchen. Also, contemporary looks of the kitchen are usually followed by luxury and elegance feeling.We can use metal or wood, plastic or granite, with white as the background. Example, if you use hard-wood cabinets, you can use metals for the sink, faucets, and fixtures. Metal helps to bring a modern feeling over the white kitchen.

That’s the most basic reason for choosing between two. You have already known the benefit from each design look. It’s time for you to choose which one you are preferred, classic or contemporary looks for your white kitchen designs.

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