U-shaped Kitchen Design for More Efficient Kitchen Works

What design of kitchen that suits you best? Are you trying to make your space more functional, but you are confused in choosing one of many offered design? It’s time for you to consider u-shaped kitchen design, as one of the basic models that offer more functionality. U-shaped design allows you to work within any space to cover all functions of the kitchen. This design is very beneficial for you since it allows you to make the space both efficient and stylish.

Understanding the concept of u-shaped kitchen design

What is U-shaped kitchen design? What makes it different from other design? The U-shaped design is the design that employs three adjoining walls, one perpendicular to the other two parallel walls. This design maximizes all walls for appliances and storages. You can place storage, stoves, grills, cookers, refrigerator, utensil shelves and sink along the walls. Cabinets are adjoined to every side of the walls, separating the space into three work areas. For example, three areas are for cooking, washing dishes and storage respectively.

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Among these three walls is an empty area for the homeowner to explore when working without walking across the room.  U-shaped kitchen design works for space of any size: small, medium, large. It also works in both traditional and modern design, as well as outdoor design. What if there are only two walls? As an alternative, an island can be installed to replace the third wall. This island may function as cabinets, storages, or dining tables.

Benefits of u-shaped kitchen design

U-shaped kitchen design has several advantages. First, and one important benefit, is that it maximizes kitchen’s function within space limit. The usage of all three sides of the wall for kitchen elements: storage, appliances, utensils; makes no waste of space. Also, separation of work area within reachable triangular range makes the kitchen works, including cooking, serving and washing dishes, more efficient. Second, this design can be applied to many styles in various space sizes. If you are about to build a new kitchen, consider using three walls for this design.

However when you want to remodel your kitchen, installing islands is adequate. So this design is flexible. Lastly, this design allows control over the kitchen area. Without any traffic lane through the area, cooking activities becomes more focused, and danger of heat and sharp utensils can be controlled, especially when children are around. These benefits of u-shaped kitchen design make it recommended for you who want to remodel or build your kitchen.

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