Simple Kitchen Designs for Small Spaces

If you want to use a kitchen design that is not excessive, then you can use a simple kitchen designs. You can use a simple design for your kitchen. Here’s an idea that you can use to design a kitchen using a simple theme:
1. you can use a design similar to the design of the kitchen in the townhouse. You can use a counter top that has the same color or material with your floor. You can use granite or metal materials for counter tops and floors. You do not need to add much decoration on the design of this kitchen.
2. You can use a neutral color such as white to make the design look more spacious kitchen. You can use the furniture and kitchen equipment that is not too much to make the shape of the room look more spacious.
3. You can also add a modern atmosphere by adding a chandelier in the near cabinet in your kitchen. You can use quality materials to make the kitchen look more elegant.
4. You can also use a cabinet made of wood to create a simple kitchen design. You can use a floor made of wood to fit with this simple kitchen design.

How to Create Simple Kitchen?

Here’s how to make a simple kitchen designs:
1. you can make the shape of the cabinet are not too long. You can use the shape L to make a simple kitchen. You can maximize the area of the room you are so they can make the kitchen more comfortable.
2. To make the kitchen design look more attractive then you can use glass to make the kitchen look bigger. You can use glass that is not too big to create a kitchen that looks simple but attractive.
3. To make a lot of storage space, then you can use the kitchen cabinets that have diverse forms.

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Tips to Design Simple Kitchen

Here are tips for designing a kitchen:
1. you should eliminate furniture or kitchen equipment that is not used or needed. You can do this so that the kitchen can be more effective and efficient to use.
2. You can also specify the function of the island is used. You can use this island as a dining table, storage or seating area. You can decorate the island according to the theme of kitchen. You can use this island for the place to storage many things in your kitchen.
3. You can add a simple feature to create a simple kitchen designs.


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