Shaker Style Kitchens Home Design Ideas

More often than not, you have ever heard the term “shaker style kitchens” but you have no idea what it means. In fact, this term is not so clear too for many people. Even though there are many people have been using this term for a kitchen design, but to what extent a kitchen design can be classified under this category is still unclear. This kitchen design is actually a kitchen design which is copied from the late 18th century kitchen style. Hence, in order to help you out to know more about shaker style kitchens, here is some information you need to know about this kitchen design. Take a look!

The Essence of Shaker Style Kitchen

In fact, term shaker kitchen refers to a kitchen with in-frame shaker door design. This kitchen design is well-known for its classical doors with a frame and the inset panel. Nowadays, this kitchen design has been getting more popular since many architecture companies have innovated the idea. More often than not, this kitchen design is praised for its clean line and beautiful look.

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One of the most common feature of this kitchen style is its main material. Shake kitchen furniture is commonly made of hardwoods, such as walnut and oak. In order to keep the originality and the traditional touch of the design. The furniture is also made by craftsman and hand painted. This way, the kitchen design can still manage to look traditional and original at the every same time.

Shaker Kitchen in Today’s Design

The best thing happen about this kitchen design in today’s architecture is how the contemporary architect can combine the traditional aspect of this kitchen design with some modern aspects. This way, modern families can still pick this kitchen style without having to be called too traditional in terms of the style. More often than not, today’s shaker kitchen design more attractive than other kitchen design because of its balanced look. It can wisely feature the traditional accent and the modern style of the kitchen.

The Color Palette for Shaker Kitchen

In the past, shaker kitchen design is always dominated with neutral color palette, such as off white, cream, and grey. In fact, they have quite the same color palette as the victorian style kitchen design. Nowadays, that is not the option you have. Bright and sunny colors are also used for painting this kitchen style, such as yellow and blue. Even though the neutral color palette is still dominant for the shaker style kitchens, but these bright colors are getting more popular in the last few years.

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