Planninga Commercial Kitchen Designs

Commercial kitchen design is a space that designed to create a comfortable and efficient kitchen environment for restaurant kitchen staffs. But an efficient commercial kitchen requires a careful planning which including space, equipment and budget. You need to think more carefully about these things below.

Start to List the Necessity

The first thing to do is list the menu. If you already know what kind of food you want to cook in the kitchen you can start to the other preparation. The food storage, preparation, and kitchen equipment depend on the food that you want to prepare. If there is a change, you can avoid costly spending for equipment or construction in the future.

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Next is list the equipment. Remember that every item must meet the standard of health and safety code from equipment for food preparation, refrigeration, display and storage. The size and amount of the item will influence the space needed in the commercial kitchen designs.

Measure the Kitchen Space

After you already decided the location for your kitchen, then measure the size of the space. Make sure the kitchen has good installation of windows, doorways, electricity, plumbing and flooring, especially the ventilation. That is all will affect the layout of the appliances and materials. Ergonomics then will be used to design the kitchen. The design will transform the space into an efficient kitchen environment and safety zone for the kitchen staffs.

Note the Standards of Health and Safety Code

One of important things in the commercial kitchen is that all the work and equipment must meet with the standard of health and safety code requirements. The code include about sterility of the food preparation, wasting, air exchanging, food storage, and many other things. You can meet the inspector to discuss your design plan of commercial kitchen. In the different location there are different regulations. So, you need to understand well to avoid the unwanted accidents in the future.

Use All the Best

In building the kitchen, you can ask from professional architecture or building contractor that has official license from government. They will know what good materials to build the kitchen. Also make sure the blueprints must be reviewed and approved by health department and the inspector. Purchase the best and the most energy saving equipment for saving cost that spend from future energy use.

Make sure you have a careful planning in your commercial kitchen designs. In the commercial kitchen, you are not only responsible to yourself, but also the kitchen staffs and the guest. So, you need to have a better understanding of your own kitchen.

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