Oval Dining Table Home Dining Room Design Ideas

The main object in the dining room is a dining table. It is a great spot for family gathering while having a meal. So, you need to explore your idea to choose the right dining set. If you are tired of looking at angle or edges, you can move to the oval dining table. It gives you a broader feeling from the usual square tables.

Different Feeling of Rectangular vs. Oval

The rectangular dining table is the most common tables we can see in a dining room. The rectangular table should be used in the rectangular room, but the oval table can be placed both in the rectangular or small room. For homeowners of small or narrow dining room, they should consider putting an oval dining table into their room. Although oval table has the same length or attributes, visually, it gives a different feeling overall. The Oval table provides more space in every corner of the room so that the small dining room will look spacious.

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Added Friendly and Safety Moments

With no edges, oval shaped table will occupy less space with its rounded corners so that it will create a broader feeling in a small dining room. It also leaves more spaces to walk around the table so that you won’t bump into the corners or walls. Unlike the rectangular table where we must dodge carefully when to walk around the edges of the table.

Also, when we talk about safety, the oval dining table is a better option for a family with kids. Because the sharp edges of the rectangular tables sometimes can be dangerous for active kids while having a meal. The rounded corners let the kids walk or run around the table safely.

Get the Closeness

The placement of chairs around the oval dining table is nearer following the shape of the table. It is placed in a circle with no break line. So the feel of closeness between the family members will arise while having a meal. Unlike the rectangular tables which the placement of chairs breaks in every corner that adds the distance in the table.

While giving you a warm and comfortable feeling, an oval dining table also makes a friendly atmosphere into the dining room. When you get the table right, and the chair is comfy, a moment in the dining room will be a happy moment. No more stuffy feeling in your small dining room when you already bring an oval dining table back to home.

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