Open Plan Kitchen Design & Decorating Ideas

As you know, the kitchen is commonly named as the hub of a home, and you may have seen an open plan kitchen design to closest family rooms. This kitchen design can create more homey feeling and intimacy. Nowadays, formal dining rooms are following rules such as it has to be effectively obsolete, creating more functional and larger spaces and so forth.

Many homeowners are breaking free the rule of formality into and then embracing the floor plan which combines spaces for optimal application. Also, there is no sense to waste square footage on your space which is only used once in a while. If you are considering an open plan kitchen, you should know that the key to successful design is to separate between preparation area and the dining, while making sure the combined space is also pleasant.

Guides to Create Open Plan Kitchen Design

Different materials

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A mix of surfaces and materials can keep your eye moving in your large spaces as well as prevent visual boredom. If your kitchen countertop is made of granite, try to choose a wooden table with fixtures of chrome light. In case you have butcher-block counter, it would be a great way to set a table with marble-top underneath the light fixture. It’s such a cool idea to introduce a textured variety in your kitchen space.

Lighting combination

By using assortments of styles and lighting fixtures, you can instantly define your dining areas and kitchen as different zones even though they’re only separated by measly feet as well. To keep your kitchen design dimensional yet cohesive, you should switch up the styles of your chandelier, pendants, and sconces.

A decorated room

When it comes to combining your dining and kitchen spaces, it doesn’t mean that you have to lose all components of your décor that can make your dining room look special. You can start introducing antique and vintage seating, art, decorative accessories and gorgeous draperies. Furthermore, you can also give your open plan kitchen design a high-end look commonly belongs to formal dining room.

A variety of seating style

Just because you have an open plan kitchen in your home, it doesn’t mean that your option is limited. You can evoke the real feeling of having a separated dining room by distinguishing your kitchen barstools look taken from your dining chairs. Hence, you can also create an interesting and dynamic space while you have meal in your open plan kitchen design for sure.

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