New 30 Inch Bathroom Vanity to Fit Your Budget and Style

30 inch bathroom vanity can create statement as well as enhance a definite look. The vanities, moreover, can be chosen from the store, or they can even be customized with faucet hardware, countertop or a specific vanity base. Many contractors and homeowners pay more attention the vanity size, which is balanced with the space size, toilet and also tub. Too long countertop will only make your bathroom look small. Too short vanity, on the other hand, will look out-of-place as well.  However, bathroom with longer walls is offering a chance for extra counter space or even double-sink.

Bathroom vanity style

In fact, there are many bathroom vanities’ styles which are available in home improvement store. In general, they’re coming in traditional or ultra-modern styles with a wide variety of colors, wood finishes and materials. No trim and clean lines are features you should search for in a modern design. Molding or carved design is a feature that needs to be considered when purchasing 30 inch bathroom vanity for your traditional bathroom. Furthermore, the selection of sinks is extensive, with either classic or modern style in various configurations. The vessel, under-mount or traditional over the counter sinks are available for many kinds of vanity styles. The vessel sinks are commonly available in glass, ceramic or marble.

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Moreover, the faucet styles are also varying that is used to coordinate with showers, tub units, countertops, and sinks.  They are commonly available in copper, brass, stainless steel and brushed nickel finishes. Whether you are choosing a single or dual tap faucet system, it depends on the vanity style of course. The faucet can be simply designed with highly wrought handles.

Customized design

In fact, your bathroom vanity doesn’t have to look like what you see on the display of a store. They can be personalized to fit your definite décor of your bathroom. If you love DIY projects, they can be recycled from old bathroom units for sure.

Sideboards, Buffets, and dressers can also create a brilliant structure for vanity’s base. With some staining, painting, and sanding, they can turn into a brand new piece. A customized vanity can also be polished to achieve the modern and sleek look. If you want simpler projects, you can cut-down the cost by choosing some products with a simple design. Highly wrought décor and custom trim can also bead, to give a more classic feel to them. Installing an under-mount marble sink or porcelain vessel will be able to contribute to a classic look over your 30-inch bathroom vanity.

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