Minimalist Corner Vanity Cabinets for Small Bathroom

Corner vanity cabinets maybe become the choice which is not familiar to many people for their bathroom. However, there is a great reason which makes people should consider installing the corner vanity in the bathroom. The biggest reason, of course, cannot be separated from the fact that the corner vanity allows people to utilize the limited space in the bathroom to be much more functional. Many people can share the same experience with the small bathroom. They need to make it functional, but they must not forget about the space which is very limited. Here are some great corner vanity ideas which can be installed in the small bathroom.

Double Vanity

There are many homes which have the bathroom for more than two people. In this circumstance, they have to consider using the double vanity in the corner. People just need to place the small sink base cabinet on each wall and stretch one countertop across the cabinets so they can have two sinks. This method will help people to get more counter space as well as storage below the counter. It is important to make sure that each sink comes with 21 inches of clear floor space in front of the sink because it will be used as the place for standing and using the sink easily for the users. People need to make sure that the double sinks are placed far enough along every wall. It will make two users use the sinks at the same time. This must be the great option of minimalist corner vanity cabinets after all.

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Curved Front

There must be various options of vanity which can be installed in the bathroom including the small bathroom. People decide to install the corner vanity because they have the bathroom which comes with small size. However, no matter what kind of vanity which is chosen, people have to make sure that it is suitable for the remaining bathroom design.

People can consider the corner vanity which comes with furniture feel and the curved front if they have the bathroom which has an old fashioned style or formal style. The entire corner should be filled by the vanity and counter back by extending it straight back. However, the front side should bow out slightly into the room. People can choose the elegant furniture style vanity which comes with legs or feet. The curved vanity front can be a great combination for the traditional decoration. Additional storage can be provided with corner vanity cabinets.

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