Good Restaurant Kitchen Design Ideas

You start a new restaurant business and want to get the best restaurant kitchen design? What you most needed is a better understanding of what the designs really needed. You need to learn about the characteristics for creating a good restaurant kitchen designs so your business will work smoothly.

Consider Ergonomics Kitchen Design

Ergonomic learns about design of equipment that fits the human body and its cognitive abilities. In the restaurant kitchen design, it aims to create a kitchen environment for fastest cooking and how to minimize the movements of the kitchen staff while cooking in the kitchen. So, careful planning of appliances fixtures placement is needed.

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A high considered plan of the kitchen design is one of the most important factors not only to save the cooking time but also reduce the risks of accidents in the kitchen. Because in the hectic time, kitchen will turns into a place of war for the kitchen staffs, so it helps them to work comfortably and efficiently.

Must Meet the Standards of Health and Safety

A restaurant kitchen will meet a routine inspection to check if the cooking activity has met the standards of health and safety. And the one who control the kitchen room is the chef. The chef will know what they needs. Which one is good or one is not good. So you can let them to explain the use and benefit of every kitchen tools. Also, the best way before start installing your restaurant kitchen is review the design plan with the inspectors to meet their health and safety standards. You can get the information timely and if in the future you need changes, you already know what you do.

Appropriate Size of the Restaurant Kitchen

There is a general rule of a ratio of the size and capacity of the restaurant kitchen. It should be proportional to the size of the restaurant. Kitchen space provide at least 5 square feet for every seat in the restaurant. It still depends on the type of the restaurants because they will have different needed.

Energy Efficiency

Commercial kitchen such as restaurant kitchen is a high energy user, 2.5% more energy per square foot than any other commercial space. Placing the appliances in the best order will help to reduce the costs for energy spending. Buying energy-saving equipment although more pricey, but it will help to reduce the cost for another spending of energy. A good heat recovery ventilation systems are also needed to recover the heat in the kitchen for energy saving. The smoke and steam in the kitchen can be dangerous for the health.

Easy Maintaining of the Kitchen

The material of the kitchen, the placement of the elements, and how the cooking utensils stored will influence the maintaining of the kitchen. For example, cabinet with doors is easier in maintaining than shelves for the availability of dishes for food preparation and serving.

If you have met this characteristic of restaurant kitchen design then you already have a good restaurant.

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