French Country Kitchen Designs Ideas and Remodel

French is already popular with their sense of arts and architecture that can be seen in all around country from time to time. It is because they have their unique characteristics that can be seen in every design. It can be seen in their French country kitchen designs. Here check the details~

Capture the Mood of Countryside Life

French country kitchen designs epitomize the elegance and beauty of rural life in French. A sweet spring in Provence in the mid of lavender and sunflower field, an antique farmhouse in Colmar, a bright summer in verdant hills of Perigord, and many others beauty of countryside life, are the inspiration of the kitchen designs. The charm of French rural life brings the rustic and cozy atmosphere into the kitchen.

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Bring the Ideas into the Kitchen

Redrawing the rustic feeling, French kitchen designs use natural and earth-tones materials to give timeless and natural appearance. Woodwork is a must use item in the kitchen which applied in the cabinets, wide-planked wood floors, or countertop. To evoke a warm and natural feels, the better wood to be used is the one that shows natural grain.

French’s style cabinets are ornate, intricate, and chiseled out wood to make them look aged. It uses mixed metal materials like brass, bronze or iron for the hardware to accentuate the cabinetry. Then, it combines with rustic ceiling beams and wrought iron lighting to complete the authentic and classic atmosphere. Or you can add stoneware, terracotta or copper to help evoke the country looks. The style creates a space of elegant yet homey kitchen.

Complete the Kitchen with French’s Style

Finally, to portray the French’s style of their culinary skills, culinary equipment is better to be displayed. Pans, pots, and other cooking utensils can be hung on the walls or kitchen islands for better access while cooking. Next, complete the looks with adding a décor with fabrics on the windows, since French characteristic is their rich fabrics.

On the countertop or open shelves, you can put a basket of fruits, a vase of flowers especially lavenders, or a bottle of wine plus the glasses. Now, your French country kitchen has been completed.

By imagining the rural life of French which lavenders and sunflowers bloom prettily, you can feel it inside your kitchen, right? French country kitchen designs will make you get culinary moments like in the real French. Bon appetite!

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