Efficient L-Shaped Kitchen Designs for Small Space

When you build a house, it is only left you a small space for installing a kitchen? But at the same time, you dream to have a stylish and beautiful kitchen? With L-shaped kitchen designs, you can efficiently transform the odd corner spaces in the house become a stylish space for satisfying your cooking time.

Maximize the Corner Style Layout

There are a dozen options for the L-shaped kitchen designs layout for corner space depends on the taste and room condition. But, one important purpose of the kitchen layouts is to create the most efficient and comfortable cooking environment. For the homeowner who love and spend a bit more time in the kitchen, they want to find a functional and attractive space to move easily and freely. So, it is important to keep the efficient relationship between the key elements of “work-triangle.” Work-triangle means for the placement of refrigerator, stove, and sink.

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The layout designs need at least one wall to feature the cabinets, stove, sink, refrigerator, and another permanent fixture as the base of the “L.” Some layouts put two elements in the same line then one element in the other “L” line. Sample, the refrigerator, and stove installed in the same line, then sink in the other line. This layout will need both walls to feature them. The other designs only need one wall to install the three elements in the same row and open countertop with the glass windows above it. This layout gives an advantage of more breathable and open space. But it will lose the extra space to feature upper cabinets which can be afforded by two walls layouts.

Adding Efficiency to the Designs

L-shaped kitchen designs are created for maximizing a small-to-medium sized kitchen space to be as open as possible. The “L” portion of the room as open counter space becomes an easy access pass-through to dining or another room directly. So, it is important to create a good flow between the different areas of the home and efficiency of the activities in the kitchen.

Two options available to add efficiency to the L-shaped design are put a kitchen island in the kitchen or not. Without a kitchen island, the activities will do by facing the walls. The benefit is the easy installation of plumbing and accessibility of items in the cabinets that attached to the wall. With a kitchen island, it will create more spaces for cooking and cleaning activities. Sink or stove can be a part of kitchen islands. But it requires more effort to install the plumbing.

A small space for kitchen installation is no more a problem. You can create your L-shaped kitchen designs into your home with your style. A more comfortable and efficient cooking environment is ready.

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