Cool 36 Inch Bathroom Vanity Home Design Ideas

When it comes to determining the right size vanity for your bathroom, 36 inch bathroom vanity is one of the most proportional sizes. However, if you are not confident with your choice, you can re-measure it. To find the accurate measurement of your bathroom vanity, there are many things you should consider. Scroll down to figure them out!

Vanity sizing to consider

When it comes to bathroom vanity sizing, keep in mind that you should consider these following things:

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  • Location for plumbing
  • Whether the plumbing connection is obstructed or easy due to the full usage of vanity?
  • Space available in your bathroom
  • Your bathroom style whether it’s open, wide or narrow
  • Space  restrictions within your bathroom that need to be considered

In case, you’re aware of probable restriction toward the layout of your bathroom, make sure that the vanity will be functional. After that, determining the vanity dimension is also essential as it can prevent from mismatch vanity.

Vanity width tips

Talking about the width of your vanity, then you should determine which vanity that will fit your bathroom. It particularly defines whether you are going to choose single or double vanity. A single vanity will suit perfectly with your 36-inch bathroom vanity as well as it’s excellent for your small bathroom. You also can consider about opting for a hung vanity.

Vanity height tips

When you have determined the width of your bathroom vanity, then it’s best to define the height. It’s important to ensure that you are relaxed enough when using the vanity. You mustn’t like too high or too low vanity, right?

Vanity depth tips

Determining the depth of your vanity would be the last measurement you will need to take. Therefore, you will be able to observe what options that already exist over the vanity. Considering the depth is the most necessary for slight bathrooms as well. Moreover, when it comes to defining the measurement of the vanity’s depth, be sure you have considered these following stuff:

  • The vanity will not block the entryways or doorways
  • Shower doors and other storage are quite accessible
  • Knobs and drawer pulls will not thwart anything
  • You have sufficient comprehensible floor space.

Avoid choosing bathroom vanity in 30 inches if your bathroom is large, as it will make it inappropriate. Consider choosing the bigger one that may fit the space. Keep in mind that your 36 inch bathroom vanity is suitable and fit perfectly to your small bathroom not the large one.

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