Bathroom Wall Lights Fixtures Home Design Ideas

If we are talking about bathroom wall lights ideas, it is just like there is no limitation for it. From the style, the way you manage it, until the latest smart light technology that allows you to break the past limit regarding lighting. But let me show you some recent ideas that involve the wall lights to light up the bathroom.


I found an interesting bathroom wall lights which have no light bulb, or the place where it is mounted. I was trying to look all of the parts but all I found was the ceramic wall. But then when I turned into the next page of the website, then I figured out that some squares of the ceramics were glowing. It is explained on the website then that the light bulbs are hidden underneath the ceramic; make the bathroom looks spotless and neat. Instead of using ceramic for the place of the light bulbs, they change them with some glasses that have the same colors with the ceramics on the wall. That way when you turn on the light switch, then you got the glowing ceramic as your lighting.

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Smart Lights

From the smartphone, smart watch, then smart lights, all of the technology with the label of “smart” will help you to level up your creativity does not matter in what terms. By installing the smart light bulbs inside the bathroom, you will be able to control every single thing about the lighting. How dim, set a timer, change the colors of the lights, or set up different kinds of light for every corner are just as simple as flip your hands. Well, smart light for bathroom itself is already great; by combining those with the wall on your bathroom will create better looks and features of your bathroom.

Unique Designs

There are hundreds of designs regarding light wall s for your bathroom if you are looking in every possible market. The common types of wall light that exist are no longer limited to something that you used to install lately. The shape is getting a unique day by day; some modern company even make a light artistic shapes for the bathroom so that you will get the feeling of different impression from the other kind of bathroom.

There is one shape that interests me so much, since I am the fans of adventure game. There is a wall light that has the shape of torch which we can install in our bathroom, by the time we turn on the switch, the torch will light up and also blowing some wind that blow some kind of threads or fabrics that installed on the top of the torch, so that you get the effects of a real torch and real fire inside, what an interesting bathroom wall lights.

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